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Never treat your audience as
 customers, always as partners.

• Jimmy Stewart •


"I wanted to sell my home as quickly as possible,
and not having experience with the selling of a home I needed to find a real estate agent that would guide me in the best possible direction. I had my home on the market with a real estate agency that I felt did the bear minimum for me but continued to work with the company hoping things would turn around.  I did get many showings and the feedback was great but I did not feel as if they showed me or told me what I needed to do, to move my home.  One day after checking my mail I noticed a community newsletter from Russ Copersito of York Simpson Underwood who lived in the neighborhood advertising his services.  I called him up to see what percentage he charged for his services provided.  After speaking with him I decided to give him a chance and see if what he said he could do he really could do.  Not only did his staff provide me with exceptional service and ideas on how I could move my home faster they actually came in my home and made adjustments on the look of the home and gave me a list of ideas on what I needed to do.  The showings increased and I received three offers.  The home finally sold for the price I was looking for and Russ kept his promise and he went above and beyond for me."


-Dawn Longmaid

  "Russ is a phenomenal realtor,
and a great asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Raleigh area.  Russ was both our selling and buyer's agent when we sold our existing home.  His attention to detail and keen awareness of the local market helped us to sell our home quickly and made us feel confident throughout the entire process.  From the moment we listed, to well after we closed on our new home, he was there to answer any questions we had.  We would highly recommend Russ to anyone who is looking for a realtor with a "go out and get 'em" attitude."

Cyndee  Saunders

Russ says his approach to home buying is that he doesn’t just want to help you buy a house; he wants to help you buy the right house.  He proved true to his word in every step of our home buying process.  He was responsive, patient and friendly.  When we were having trouble making a decision, he helped us compare the houses we’d seen, without pressuring us.  This ultimately helped us to buy the house that was right for us.  Russ was also a very knowledgeable guide through the negotiating process.  An asset to real estate field – we highly recommend Russ to anyone!
We’re so glad we turned to our “neighborhood agent” when the time came to sell our home.  Because Russ knows the market so well, he priced our home perfectly.  He also gave us excellent advice on what to do to our house to make it more appealing to majority of buyers.  Our home sold quickly, even during the soft seller’s market, at a price we were pleased with.   Russ made what is more often a stressful experience, a pleasurable one.

Anna Lynn

  Russ listened to us and knew exactly what we wanted....
"When we decided to begin our search for a new home, it was with the idea that the process would take 6 months to a year.  We anticipated long weekends trekking around many neighborhoods in a tedious search, but, to our delight, Russ listened to us as we knew exactly what we wanted in a home, and he was able to pare down the list of available homes on the
market to just a select few that had desirable features, saving us a lot of time.  Once we found the ideal match for us, in only a few weeks, he put us in touch with an excellent broker who was a pleasure to work with, and we are very happy in our new home!

As an added plus, since we are members of the same church, Russ donated a portion of his commission from the sale of our old home to the church - a very nice gesture indeed :) "

Dianne & Mike Snyder
Morrisville, NC

  Russ Copersito was a big help....
This was my first house and I knew nothing about the process, what to look for, or how to handle the sales people.  Russ was able to explain the rules of purchasing a house. He was up front with answers on what money was spent where and helped me to understand the steps of buying a good home. It was a great comfort to have him with me at the bidding table and to see him work to get me the best price possible. He did a great job with the negotiation.

The most important advantage that Russ has to offer is his experience with construction. When looking at some used houses he was able to tell me not only the trouble spots to look out for, but was able to tell me the history of each room in the house by looking at the way it was maintained. I learned a lot about home maintenance and how to keep the value of my home.

Thanks again Russ,
Ryan Ellsworth

  Russ was the best thing that ever happened to us....
We would like to tell you about the hardest working man in real-estate.  His name is Russ Copersito, and he works for York Simpson Underwood in Cary, North Carolina.

Our story starts a couple years ago when my wife and I decided we wanted to move to the Triangle area with our three kids.  We had a very nice home in Long Grove, IL, in a wonderful neighborhood and we where looking for something similar in Cary, NC as this was where my companies office was located.  I started by doing an internet search for homes in the Cary, NC area and just by chance I came across a nice looking real estate website for York Simpson Underwood.  We picked a couple of homes that we thought were nice and wanted more information on them.  We call the realtor for one of those homes.  As fate would have it that realtor was Russ and if by fate or by luck, Russ was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Russ and I talked about our plans, he sent us a number of listings that matched our criteria and later that year, my wife and I made plans to take to trip to Cary to view the area, the schools, and get an idea of what we really wanted.  Now remember we had told Russ that we were at least a year away from moving to Cary.  We needed to sell our home in Long Grove and we wanted to wait until the children were through their current school year.  Besides all that Russ, still took three full days out of his busy schedule and family obligation to show us around.  These were days that he could have been working with other clients on deals that would have made him money now, not in a year from now.  This impressed both my wife and I very much and besides that we found the schools and general area within Cary that we wanted to live thanks to Russ.

The story does not stop here.  Over the next full year, Russ would send us listing of homes within the area that he thought we would like.  If there was one that particularly peeked our interest, Russ would take his digital camera and walk though the house for us, taking dozens of pictures which he would then label and send to me over the internet.  We can't even tell you how much work this must have been for Russ and again, my wife and I where very impressed.

Well, we made the final decision to put our home in Long Grove on the market and see what would happen. If it sold we would take a quick trip to Cary and buy a home, as we did not wish to get into a bad situation where we had two homes and two mortgages.  Russ understood this completely and fully supported it.

Then the day came that we sold our home in Long Grove and we needed to take that very quick trip to Cary, as our buyers wanted to take possession of the house very quickly.  Again Russ came through even though he had other clients and personal obligations to meet.  Then to top that all off, Russ acted as our proxy at the closing as we were in transit.

We have moved seven times in our twenty years of marriage.  We have worked with many different realtors over those years.  Russ stands tall above all the rest.  He treats you like family.   We now have a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood in western Cary and we plan to retire here.  We have only one person to thank for that, Russ Copersito, possibly the hardest working agent you will ever find, hands down.

Gregory Bodine
Cary, North Carolina


Russ is Truly a Lifesaver
My husband and I were referred to York Simpson Underwood by a friend of ours who had sold a home with one of their agents. We were referred to Russ Copersito when we discovered that our friend’s agent did not service Holly Springs where our home was located. It was the best thing that ever happened!

 We had tried unsuccessfully to sell our home the year before and, since we had already moved away from North Carolina, had been forced to rent it out. Russ agreed to manage the property for the few months remaining in our tenant’s lease and then list the home once they had moved.

 Once our tenants moved out, Russ made sure the carpets were cleaned and also suggested we have the home painted throughout to make it more showable. He quickly contacted three companies to give us estimates and got the information to us quickly. Once we selected the company, Russ made sure they got it done quickly and professionally. He also suggested that we spruce up the outside landscaping and have the home power washed to enhance the “curb appeal.” To save us money, Russ and his sons remulched and weeded the front flower beds and Russ had his son mowing our lawn every two weeks. It was such a relief to know that Russ was taking care of things since we lived thousands of miles away from North Carolina.

 While our home was on the market, Russ was in constant contact with us. He called each week to let us know how things were going and talked to us about feedback from the showings we had that week. He was also very prompt in returning phone calls. We never felt that we were bothering him and he always had time to talk to me and reassure me that, indeed, our home would sell.

 Finally, the great day arrived and Russ called to tell us we had an offer on our home. It was the best news we’d heard in a long time! During the negotiation, Russ made sure that we got as good of a deal as possible and encouraged us to counter back a final time, which saved us thousands of dollars. He truly saved our finances!

 Since we lived so far away and weren’t planning to come to the closing, we gave Russ power of attorney to sign the closing documents for us. He walked us through everything we had to do and was there at the lawyer’s office the day of closing in our place. I knew everything was under control.

 We would use Russ Copersito again and again and again, both as a listing agent and as a buyers agent if we were searching for property. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of real estate services. He is a consummate professional and an outstanding real estate agent.

 Please feel free to contact us for more information.


-Holly and Jeremy Palmer

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